Areas of Expertise




         Company positioning in the market place

         Company organization to achieve market goals

         Assess company/ product/service viability, differentiation and competitive activity

         New market analysis

         Analysis and enhancement of lead generation programs

         Lead qualification program

         Organization of distribution channels to launch new product lines

         Develop direct and electronic mail campaigns

         Develop press releases, sales letters and literature.

Sales & Sales Management

         Organization and management of  current sales activities

         Development of Business Plan for sales activity

         Design and organization of new Product/Service Divisions

         Selection of best sales channel(s), direct sales, telemarketing or third party channels

         Implementation of system for Distributors, System Integrators and Value-added Resellers (VAR) -  domestic and/or international

         Design and implementation of an International Sales Office


         Analysis and enhancement of current training programs

         Organize new training programs



         Identification of best recruiting sources

         Identification and qualification of potential applicants

         Screening applicants/Initial interviewing

Contract Management

         Identifying and negotiating development contracts

         Developing and managing business portions of research and grant proposals

         Drafting contract agreements, such as OEM, Distributor Agreements and product licensing

         Negotiating contract agreements with companies/attorneys in your best interests

         Negotiating and managing legal issues of contract activity for both new and existing accounts